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My name is Philippe Grégoire. I’ve been making a living on the Internet since 1997. Since that moment I’ve been generating a six-figure income in euros for my company every year. I’ve been exclusively working on the French-speaking market during all these years. That is I’ve been active on the French, the French Belgian, French Swiss, Luxembourg, French Canadian market with a few extra sales in north Africa where there are quite a lot of people who speak French as their second language.

Now in January 2014, I’ve decided to start a new marketing business on the English-speaking market.

This means I’m a special kind of newbie. Why?

Because I pretty well know Internet marketing but only on the French-speaking market and it’s a big difference. Because on the French speaking market, you don’t have all the tools available on the International English-speaking market.

Creating organic traffic on the French-speaking market is still possible but requires a lot of work because nowadays Google wants content. The good old days when you could rank page one of Google with mini sites of a few pages are well over. Since April 2012, the Penguin has completely changed this. Creating organic traffic on the English-speaking market is far more complicated because there is so much competition, so many websites on the same subject, so many Black Hat marketers that are using every possible technique to rank page 1. On the French-speaking market, the black hat marketers are not very common. The competition is often low. But it’s just a question of time. The French-speaking market is just 3 to 5 years late on many points compared to the English-speaking market. But the problem is that Google is the same in all languages. Google algorithm is the same. Google AdWords policy is the same. And nowadays Google is no good for internet marketers ! And that’s the big problem. Because the English market has generated tons of tools all over the years to create other sources of traffic when Google was developing its algorithm and restricting ways of easy traffic for internet marketers. The French-speaking market did not develop these new tools like many other local (non English speaking) markets.

On the English speaking market, you then have plenty of tools and ways to make traffic without Google. Actually you can fully create a business without using Google and actually you should. On the French-speaking market you don’t have these tools, and this means you are a little bit stuck in the Google game. It’s because I’m fed up by this rollercoaster Google game that I decided to start a second internet business on the English-speaking market.

Twice I built a business relying on Google, and twice Google broke me down and brought me back to almost ZERO. My first internet marketing business was built using Google AdWords and like every internet marketers in this world, one day in 2010, I was told that Google did not want to make business with me any longer. I was spending €150,000 every year in Google AdWords and they just fired me like sh…

Then I rebuilt everything back using organic traffic. And then Google Penguin came and put everything down once again. I even had a one-year penalty on most of my websites because the Penguin was not happy with my back linking scheme.

Then I rebuilt my business for the third time with a mix of organic traffic with real content, YouTube traffic, etc. But I’m fed up. And I know that as long as your business relies on Google, you’re just living on a minefield.

In the meanwhile I’ve been following all these English-speaking marketers who were building their business without even thinking of Google. And that’s what’s made me feel like doing the same. But unfortunately it is not possible yet in French. Because all the tools that allow you to be fully Google free do not exist or are just in their baby years on the French-speaking market.

What are these tools that exist on the English-speaking market and that do not exist on the French-speaking market ?

For example the mailing list swapping places like Safe Swap or all forums or even Facebook groups where you can easily find people to deal mailing lists swaps.

The affiliation platforms are multiple and huge on the English-speaking market. Clickbank, Commission Junction, etc., etc. There are plenty of them. They are a great way to make traffic. Just sell a very cheap real added value product where you give out 100% commission to your affiliates and you will be generating traffic without Google.

Think about those huge forums like the Warrior Forum for example. It’s the 197th website in the world with a monthly traffic of about 30 to 50 million people. On the French-speaking market, the biggest internet marketing Forum (which probably is www.webentrepreneurdebutant.fr/forum/ ) is the 20,000th website in the world with a monthly traffic of about 400,000 people. That is 100 times smaller than the Warrior Forum.

The biggest and only French-speaking affiliation platform, the French equivalent of Clickbank is 1tpe.com. The affiliate that has made the most money out of it in last December 2013 has just made 3,543 euros ! This is nothing compared to what people are making on the English-speaking market through Clickbank and all the other affiliation networks.

The business is small on the French-speaking market compared to the English speaking market.

That’s why I’ve decided to give it a try on the English international speaking market.

I have decided to tell you and to show you everything I do and earn on the English speaking market from day 1. I’m going to explain you everything I’m doing in real time.

I’m going to reveal everything I’m doing on the English market from scratch. Just follow me and I show you everything I do from day one to generate a six-figure income within the next 24 months.

This is my goal and knowing what I know of the Internet business, I’m pretty confident it is possible and I can make it. Just follow me and you’ll know…

Thanks for your attention


Internet marketer for the last 17 years (but only in French so far…)

Brussels BELGIUM



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